What is Longarm Quilting?

This is the process you go through to complete your quilt. You’ve pieced the top of your quilt together and it’s beautiful! Now, you need batting (80/20 is preferred) and a back (at least 8 inches longer and 6 inches wider than your top)! So you pick out your back and you get a sturdy batting and bring it to me. I hook it up to my Longarm Machine and stitch a pattern of your choosing all over your quilt to make it sturdy and to keep everything in place for years to come!

Pricing Guidelines:

-Edge to Edge starts at $0.015 per square inch. Price increases if pattern is more dense or detailed. Price also increases if separate borders are desired. There is a minimum of $50.
-Custom designs start at $0.04 per square inch. There is a minimum of $100
-A thread charge is added to all orders. A $5 charge for wall hangings – Twin size quilts. A $7.50 charge for Queen and King size quilts.
-Rush Order is an extra $20.

How To Prepare your Quilt for the longarmer:

-Backing needs to be at least 6 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top
-Backing needs to be squared and pressed. Whether you piece your backing together or you buy extra wide, you need to check that all edges are straight and squared.
-Batting is best when it is at least 80% cotton (wool batting is ok too) and bigger than the quilt
-Quilt top needs to have all its seems pressed to lay flat
-If you have borders on your quilt top, make sure that they lay flat and are not wavy. If they are wavy, you can fix them by: removing them, measure (thru the middle of your quilt) the width and length, use this measurement to cut your border strips, PIN the borders on so they match up, sew them back on.