Modern Day Quilter

My new book, “Modern Day Quilter” has been a huge labor of love. I wrote this book for the single purpose of educating and giving confidence to all quilters! I truly believe that the more skills you have under your belt, the more free you will feel in your quilting journey and ability to express yourself through your quilting art. This book will walk you through several different techniques that will help give you the confidence you need to create whatever you want!

Modern Day Quilter Cover

Half Square Triangles

The first section of “Modern Day Quilter” is all about one of the most basic quilting foundations- the Half Square Triangle (HST). In this section, I will show you how to make multiple HSTs at once using a couple of different methods. Then, we will put the method to practice! 

The first project is the Pothos quilt. This quilt is a stunner. A great wall hanging to make a statement. It would also make a great gift for a plant loving friend, or even a jungle themed baby nursery! After this quilt, you will definitely feel like a HST pro! Available in throw, twin, and queen size options.

Want to take on something a little smaller first? The reusable fabric Countdown Chain is the perfect little project that you can use over and over again. My kids love having the visual representation of time passing. It’s great for holidays, special occasions, vacations, etc. 

pothos quilt from Modern Day Quilter
countdown chain in modern day quilter book

Flying Geese

Flying Geese are like the second cousin to HSTs. It is a very similar look, but with a completely different method. I will show you some different ways to accomplish this foundational block and then we will put it into action!

The Runway Quilt is one of my favorites. I love the bold color blocking and modern use of such a traditional block. As a longarmer, I love and appreciate lots of blank area to let the quilting shine through. This quilt is a perfect example of a quilt that would be perfect for some custom quilting. Bonus- this quilt comes in throw, twin, and queen size options.

Next, you’ll find 2 small projects: The Gaggle Pin Cushion and Thrashcan. These are a matching pair of desktop goodies to accompany your sewing machine. The long skinny pin cushion is perfect for placing alongside the front of your sewing machine for easy access. The thrashcan is a thread trashcan! Use a small command hook on the end of your machine and hang your little trashcan there for loose threads and trash.

Runway Quilt from Modern Day Quilter
Modern Day Quilter project

Curves of All Kinds

Curves seem to be one of the most daunting piecing methods out there. So many quilters refuse to try them because they seem so scary. I’m here to tell you to GET OVER IT! I promise- it is not that hard and you will be SO excited to master this technique and be able to make so many more quilts that you have passed on due to the curves. 

There are 3 types of curves that I will go over in “Modern Day Quilter“: quarter circles, half circles, and inset full circles. We will go through them step-by-step with images and diagrams to help you along the way. 

The Rope Swing Quilt quilt will start you off with quarter circles, also known as “drunkard’s path”. This is the most common curved piecing. You will get lots of practice in this quilt and feel confident by the end! 

The Mod Curved Pillows will have you practicing half-circles in a quick and easy project that you can complete in a weekend. 

Then, once you feel ready, you can tackle the Focal Point quilt. This quilt has full inset circles inside more inset circles! A fun design and great way to practice! And don’t worry, you can choose from various sizes to suite your comfort level: baby, small throw, large throw, or twin.

Rope Swing quilt in Modern Day Quilter

Combining Methods

There are a few projects in “Modern Day Quilter” that combine several methods to give you more practice. The Starry Eyed Quilt is just such a project. I love this quilt design! A great blend of modern and traditional. This has some curves and some HSTs and flying geese! 

Bonus? This quilt comes in bed sizes! You will find variations for a throw, twin, queen, and king size quilts.


When I think of applique, my mind usually goes straight to some very traditional and “country” looking styles. But I wanted to show you that applique can also be used for some great modern looks! 

The Boho Art Hangings are a set of 3 panels that look great together on a wall and use applique of modern shapes and colors to create something new! Give it a try! Or make your own shapes! 

Another way to use applique is to apply it to clothing! Here I will show you how I put it on my baseball caps to add a bit of quilty flair! In the next section, i will also show you how to add it to your pants in a way that will have everyone asking you where you got your jeans!

applique hat


Improv is a difficult thing to make a pattern for because it is exactly what it sounds like- improvisation! You make it up as you go! You let your creativity guide the way. In “Modern Day Quilter” I will walk you through some simple and basic outlines to create some improv patches to add to your jeans or sweaters etc. 

When you are comfortable, you can upgrade to a whole quilt! The Flow quilt is improv, so it’s a loose guideline for how to create your own similar looking quilt. But it is definitely a fun one! 

improv applique pants patch

Foundation Paper Piecing

I resisted the pull to try FPP for a long time. I was afraid. Using paper? Being precise? It sounded daunting! But once I got my head wrapped around it- I felt freer to create more than I thought I could before!

After going over the process and what it takes, you can dip your toes into the technique with a FPP Star clock project! Easy and quick to put together! Then, when you are feeling like you’ve got the hang of it- you can try your hand at the Jack-O-Quilt! This quilt has 9 FPP jack-o-lantern faces that vary in difficulty. Giving you the chance to work your way up!

FPP clock
jack-o-quilt pattern


The last section of “Modern Day Quilter” is Y-seams. This is an amazing technique that will allow you to get angles and shapes you wouldn’t be able to get with traditional piecing. 

Start small with my storage bin covers. This timeless Lamoine Star will having you feeling on top of the world once you master it. Fun piece of trivia- my grandfather’s name was Lamoine. He passed away a few years ago, but I think of him whenever I see this star. 

The final quilt in this book, is Tumble. This is a simple, yet stunning use of hexagons and Y-seams! Make this quilt in either a small throw or a large throw to fit your needs. 

storage bins

The Making of "Modern Day Quilter"

As with any large undertaking/project. I could not have accomplished all this without Art Gallery Fabrics and Hobbs Batting who donated their amazing products to help me bring my ideas to life and for Landauer/Fox Chapel Publishing for believing in me.

All of my projects were made with Hobbs Heirloom 100% Cotton and Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids in the following main colors:

  • White Linen PE408
  • Cinnamon PE472
  • Blossomed PE488
  • Blushing PE505
  • Sweet Macadamia PE471
  • Slate PE557
  • Northern Waters PE501
  • Ocean Fog PE500
  • Hunter Fields PE466
  • Rosemary PE544
  • Fresh Sage PE502
  • Deep Black PE499
  • Galactic Grey PE548
  • Nebula PE547

I also could not have done it without the help of my friends and family who supported me- but especially Megan Saenz (@the_quiltographer) and Maggie Blakely (@missbsquiltingstudio) who made some of the projects for me, photographed my projects, and longarmed my projects! Thank you SO MUCH!

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