I grew up in northern Virginia. After college, marriage, and kids, I found myself nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia. Life moves a little slower here and I love it!

The first quilt I ever made was when I was in high school for a church project and I hated the process so much that I vowed to never quilt again! As fate would have it, I married into a quilting family! I decided to give it another try. This time around I fell in love with this new form of art! I love breathing life into fabric and creating fabric puzzles that turn into keepsakes that my family enjoys every day- and hopefully for years to come!

I have since evolved into long arm quilting, which I do for hire, and I absolutely love working on my long arm! I have been long arm quilting now for 5 years and continue to do my best, learn new techniques, use my creativity to create works of art, and to help your vision for your quilts come to life!

My love for quilts and a creative outlet eventually spilled out into the desire to create quilt patterns. I love to think of each quilt as a work of art that comes to life in an individual and personal way by every quilter. I hope that you find your own individual twist to put on these patterns that I have poured my hear into!

In 2018 I decided that the East Coast needed a big well-known quilt retreat that people from all over want to come to! So I have set out on this journey! Join me in my quest to unite quilters from all over, to be creative, and to make quilts.