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The Basics of Reels

Are you like everyone else wondering what’s the big deal with all the reels on instagram? Did you know that Instagram has announced that they

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take the leap and take the course

When To Take the Leap

Have you ever thought about writing your own patterns but aren’t sure when to take the leap… or even how? I was in your shoes

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quilting like a pro

Quilting Like a Pro

All the pros will tell you that quilting is a precise form of art! You can learn the art of quilting like a pro too! In

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Quilt Binding


Binding comes in all shapes and sizes! But it is universally needed for every quilt to complete it! Everyone has a preference of how they

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A Little Deja Vu

A little deja vu never hurt anyone. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it? That mysterious feeling that maybe you’ve been here before but you know

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both deviate photos

Deviate Quilt

The Deviate quilt pattern is specifically written to help you try something new! The unknown can often seem scary or daunting. Before I had ever tried

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