My Quilts App

My Quilts App

The My Quilts App is the new modern way to catalog and journal about your quilts and quilt-related projects! Keep them all in one handy place in your pocket or purse! Having this convenient app makes cataloging your quilts so easy and simple. You can then edit your projects as you work on them and add photos as you work. You can make your projects public to share with your friends and other users. Then you can save your favorite projects from the public wall. The best part? This app is completely free!


This new app is now the easiest and most convenient way to track your progress, catalog your quilt projects, share your work, and get inspired by other quilters! When you start a new project, you can upload photos, enter the project size, name, technique used and more. As you work on your project, you can edit your project and edit what stage of the project you are on, dates started and completed, and how it was finished. You can also include if this project was gifted! 

My favorite part of each project, is the Journaling aspect! I love to push myself and try new techniques. So I love to be able to journal how I felt making each quilt. Especially if the quilt was a gift, I can write about the person I gifted it to. I often find my mind wandering while quilting. I could journal about what I thought about while quilting. Perhaps it was a book I was reading or listening to. Or maybe even some life events going on during this project. This section is completely up to you!

add a project in My Quilts APp


Each project has the option of being made public or private. If you make your projects public, others will be able to see and watch your progress! But I understand that some projects are too personal to want to share. That’s fine! Mark your project as private and no one else will be able to see it but you!

The nice thing about the Discovery tab is that you can look through other people’s public projects and get inspired by their work. Maybe you’ll even find a project you want to make next! You can “heart” or save other peoples projects to your favorites so that you can come back to it later. You can also favorite your friends’ projects so that you can follow along as they work on their quilts! 


My Quilts App

The best part of this whole thing is that the app is completely FREE! We wanted to make this app available to EVERYONE! And we know that there are so many subscriptions and apps and options out there for you. But we want this app to become your new favorite quilting tool that you use in conjunction with each quilting project you start (or for each of your past projects!). Having a digital option to help you catalog your quilts, makes it convenient and easy. We can’t wait to see all your new projects! Join us and download the My Quilts App from the iOS store (android coming soon).