My Quilts App Update

My Quilts App Update

Ryan and I are so excited to announce the new My Quilts App Update! There is a lot to cover in this update and I am here to walk you through it all! 


My Quilts App Update

The first thing you’ll notice is the changed look of the My Quilts app. We have updated the logo, fonts, and colors of the app to look more fresh and modern. 

As you can see, this new cosmetic update carries throughout the entire app! We hope you enjoy this small but impactful change that will hopefully make you feel at home in our app! 


With this new My Quilts app update, when you download and set up your account (or log in and go to edit your profile), you’ll find that you can now add a “username”. This will help those who want to keep their names private or those who want to use their business names. 

You can also set your own privacy settings so that you can determine what information gets seen by the public. 

Be sure to add a photo of yourself so other quilters can get to know you or recognize you!


app updated home page

With this new My Quilts app update there are actually three different home screens that you can switch between. You can stay on “HOME” which will show you content from Quilters that you follow. If you do not follow anyone yet, it will give you a brief description of what to do to find quilters to follow

In the green drop down menu in the upper lefthand corner, you can switch to “QUILTERS”. This will allow you to see who is using the app and find new Quilters to follow! You can also switch to “PROJECTS” to find inspiration in the projects that other quilters are posting.

We hope this will help you curate your own home page as well as being able to easily find new content to be inspired by.

liking vs saving


Just like on Instagram, you can “like” something by clicking on the heart icon. This is just to show the maker some love and appreciation. This does not add the photo/project to your saved projects.

Also, just like Instagram, you can “save” something by clicking on the bookmark. This will add the project to your “Saved Projects” tab where you can find it later. This is a great way to save projects that inspire you- color palettes, patterns, quilting, etc. 


Along the bottom of your screen there is an icon of a bookmark called “Saved”. This is where you can find the projects that you bookmarked or saved for later. Your own personal curated collection of inspiration! 

following quilters

We are excited that you can now follow other quilters with this new My Quilts app update! By following other quilters, you are curating your HOME page with projects from your favorite quilters. You will see all their old and new projects pop up on your home screen.

There are several ways to follow a quilter. First, when you find a project that you like and you want to see more from that maker, you can scroll to the bottom of the project and click on the quilter’s photo. This will take you to see their profile and other projects they have made! You’ll see an option to follow them at the bottom of each project and at the top of their profile. 

You can also search for specific quilters using the search function. When you click on the magnifying glass, the search bar will appear as well as some tabs, including “Quilters” to search.

app updated search bar

Last, you can find quilters to follow by clicking on “QUILTERS” in the dropdown “HOME” menu. This will generate random quilters to scroll through to find.

Something to keep in mind is that some quilters may have their profiles set to private. So if you can’t find someone specific you are looking for- that might be why. 

adding projects

You gave us feedback and we listened! There are a lot of changes in this My Quilts app update in the “add a project” section. You can add a new project by clicking on the green PLUS icon along the bottom (or at the top of your MY PROJECTS page). 

You’ll first noticed that we have grouped info together to make it easier to find sections to update. There are also more options in each drop down menu. 

One of my favorite updates is the date picker. You can now enter your own dates like “circa 2015” or you can select specific dates with the calendar icon. This is great for those older projects that we can no longer remember specific dates for. It’s also great for moving forward with new projects to add specific dates. 

As always, you can upload old or completed projects or current works in progress!


You’ll notice now that there is a section called “TAGS” when adding a new project or editing an old one. This is for adding keywords that identify your project. I could add things like “baby” or “halloween” or “curves”. 

Now, when you look at projects you can click on their tags and see other projects with the same tag! So I could click on the “baby” tag and see all the other projects with the tag “baby”.  


As mentioned above, the new search is a lot more comprehensive. You can search any keywords you want. But you can also search in specific categories like Quilter, Pattern, Pattern Designer, or Fabric Line. We hope this will help you find things you are looking for a little easier.

continued app updates

We are continuing to work through some updates and new features that we are excited to roll out in another My Quilts App Update later this year. But in the meantime, you can get to work cataloging, tracking, and journaling about all your quilting projects both old and new! 

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