A Little Deja Vu

A little deja vu never hurt anyone. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it? That mysterious feeling that maybe you’ve been here before but you know you haven’t. I think it’s fun! This pattern is meant to give you that feeling. The hazy mirage we have all felt ourself walk through when trying to decide what’s real and what’s made up. 

The Deja Vu Pattern

This pattern is so fun and easy to make! I know you might think it LOOKS complicated. But I promise that it really isn’t! It is made up of 6 blocks, two of which are just cut rectangles that don’t even need to be pieced! 

I just love sewing curves. I think it really levels up your quilting skills and gives a stunning element to your quilts that will leave people in awe. Curves are typically easier the larger the curve. The size of these curves are perfect for beginners and will be a breeze for those more advanced quilters. 

The Deja Vu pattern is written in two sizes (baby and throw) and can be made in a two-tone version or a multi-color version. I still can’t decide which one I like better. You decide! Make you dream color combo and post it online and tag me so I can see!


deja vu multi color
deja vu two tone

The Testers

I am always blow away by my pattern testers! I didn’t have as many this time, due to my timing being in the middle of so many people’s summer vacation plans. But I absolutely LOVE the tester’s versions. Take a look for yourself

“I thought this pattern was very straightforward and easy to follow. I enjoyed the chance to practice more curve sewing!”  -Lani Colianna

“This quilt is awesome for those just beginning with curves (like me!). I really enjoyed making it, and the pattern being so clear helped a lot. It actually came together very quickly. The most tedious part was cutting and sewing the curves, and I still did that in only a couple hours! I can’t wait to make this quilt again.” 

-Mairin Schuman

“It was a really cool pattern and those half circles were so fun to make!” 

-Kristin Quinn

“My first time with curves and it wasn’t too bad! Thanks for pushing me!”

-Alicia Johnson

Bonus Pattern

The one downside to make the Deja Vu pattern is that it does leave behind a lot of scrap half-circles. So, if you are like me, and want to use up as much of your fabric as you can, I suggest getting the Jamais Vu pattern as well! 

“Jamais vu” is the term that is said to be the opposite of “deja vu”. It is the feeling that something is unfamiliar when, in fact, you know it is. So, by using the leftover fabric and half circles from the first pattern, you create something that seems unfamiliar but is, in fact, using all familiar fabric! 

The Jamais Vu pattern is all raw-edge applique and comes together very quickly! A great way to use what you have and create something new! 

You can purchase the Deja Vu pattern here and the Jamais Vu Pattern here. However, if you want both, you can save a little and purchase the bundle here

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