Drawstring Santa Sacks

2 Drawstring Santa Sacks

I have forever loved how my Mother-in-law fills up drawstring Santa sacks for Christmas instead of stockings. This year, I decided, was the year that I was going to make some for our family too! Ignore the fact that I decided to do this only 48 hours before Christmas morning! Haha! Thankfully, I have a […]

Quilt Coat 2.0

Some of you may remember that my first quilt coat did not go so well. I bought a coat pattern that I thought was my size, but turned out to be an AU size and not a US size… so it was actually 2 sizes too small. I was devastated! It was such a huge […]

Modish Quilter Magazine

From the Beginning I want to share the story behind Modish Quilter Magazine and how it came to be. If you don’t mind, I’d like to start at the very beginning! My father grew up with meager means and bold aspirations. He recalls his first entrepreneurial endeavor to be a paper route in seventh grade. […]

How to Sew Curves

Curved Blocks in the Evolve Quilt

Is sewing curved fabric pieces a scary step for you? Or maybe you just need a little refresher course. Well, don’t let it intimidate you! I’m here to help! I too was once scared of sewing curves. Looking at two pieces of fabric bending in opposite directions… and I’m supposed to make them match up […]