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The Evolve quilt pattern is a modern play with the transition of colors and shapes. A great pattern for curved piecing beginners as there is a tutorial that goes along with it!



The Evolve pattern is perfect for trying out curves for the first time. Or maybe just as a “curved piecing” refresher! Either way, this pattern is great for all levels of quilters! Each curved piece is large enough to handle and makes it easy to get into the groove! Check out my blog tutorial on how I do curved piecing. It will walk you through the pattern step by step. You’ll be a pro in no time!

The Evolve quilt pattern was born from the struggles and trials that we went through in the year 2020. As tough as it was, I refuse to focus on the bad and instead focus on the progress and growth we have made as individuals and in humanity as a whole. You can read more about my story of evolving and of how this quilt came into existence in this blog article.

The transition of colors and shapes is to be related to how we have changed and the growth we have experienced in this crazy year of 2020.

“Growth and comfort cannot coexist”.


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