Comic Relief Quilt Pattern

The Comic Relief quilt pattern is here! I’m so excited to share it with you. I also wanted to share a little bit about this pattern and why I chose to design and publish it.

Last year I released the Evolve quilt pattern. It was all about how we have struggled through 2020 and the world-wide pandemic. It represented change and growth. Then I released the Paper Planes pattern which focused on where we are heading and what direction we wish to go. In April, I also released the Trajectory Pattern in the Modish Quilter Magazine Issue #2. Trajectory was all about narrowing in on our goals and focusing on the bigger picture.

Evolve Quilt Pattern by Kiley's Quilt Room
Evolve Quilt Pattern
Paper Planes quilt pattern by Kiley's Quilt Room
Paper Planes Quilt Pattern
Trajectory quilt pattern by Kiley's Quilt Room for Modish Quilter Magazine
Trajectory Quilt Pattern for Modish Quilter

Now we need a little bit of some comic relief. Awhile back I was feeling a lot of pressure with my various business goals and I decided to take a break and help my daughters clean up their rooms. While I was doing that I came across a “comic writing kit” that my oldest had received for Christmas. I started looking at the stories she had written all on her own (which she does frequently- and really well!) and had a good laugh. The pattern on the outside of the box was cheerful and fun and I couldn’t stop thinking “Wow, that would make a super cool quilt pattern!”. And so I tweaked a little here and there and the Comic Relief quilt pattern was born!


I’m really excited about the Comic Relief quilt pattern because it is so versatile! The blocks are based off of a basic and timeless quilt block that has been around forever! I wanted to put a bit more of a modern twist on it tho. So the pattern provides both a modern and a traditional option! There are so many layout variations that are entirely up to you! You can play around with your color/fabric arrangement to get the look you want. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful versions that you will create with this pattern!

Take a look at various versions my testers made! And if you go to to Binded With Love you can find some bundles for my teal/coral color scheme and for the red/white/blue color scheme that Sara Vander Velden made!

Comic Relief quilt by Sara Vander Velden
comic relief quilt by sandy sunsupa
comic relief quilt by lani colianna
comic relief quilt by claire peterson
comic relief quilt by sarah dame
comic relief quilt by mary burroughs-mayer
comic relief quilt by theresa walker
comic relief quilt by hui hiang lek
comic relief quilt by kristin quinn
comic relief quilt by kaye mood

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