Christmas Chaos

The Christmas Chaos pattern is the first pattern that I have made that I feel really passionate about. First of all, I have always felt like the majority of the Christmas quilt patterns out there are very traditional looking. I wanted an alternative- not just for you- but for my own home! Second of all, I wanted a way to incorporate the spirit of Christmas and the true meaning of Christ’s birth. The melding of these two aspects couldn’t have gone any better!

The Christmas Chaos Inspiration

I bet you are wondering why this pattern is called “Christmas Chaos”. Think about Christmas morning after all the presents have been opened. The kids have unwrapped all their gifts and there are presents, wrapping paper, boxes and treats all over the place. The sense of accomplishment, as a parent, settles in as I see my kids brimming with joy and excitement. When I think of chaos in a quilt pattern, I think of improv! I wanted quilters to be able to customize the look of their own Christmas scene under the tree. Therefore, the bottom section is all improv! I put together different size boxes, rectangles and HSTs, to get the feel i was going for. You can make it look however you want! You can even leave it blank and draw in whatever you want using a permanent fabric pen.

Christmas Chaos Quilt

The design of the tree is very simple and clean. It is very beginner friendly! Each branch of the tree is spaced out so that when you can hang ornaments on the branch, it will dangle in the space. It all comes together pretty quickly and is perfect for hanging on the wall and using as an advent calendar in the month of December with your families.

Advent Ornaments

The Christmas Chaos pattern comes with an additional pattern on how to make the circle ornaments that I made. The nice thing about these is that I left the backside of them blank so that I could write on them. On the backs of the 25 ornaments, I wrote an activity, act of kindness, or scripture that will help our family get into the Christmas spirit and remember what Christmas is all about.

Over the last couple of years, as my kids have gotten a little older, I have been trying my hardest to switch their focus outward. It’s a big undertaking, I know. Kids look forward to Christmas all year long and have their wishlists in their heads months in advance. It’s exciting! And I don’t want to squash that at all. I just want to make sure that my kids grow up understanding the importance of thinking of others and knowing Christ and the story of his birth and life here on earth.

Most of the advent calendars I’ve found online are either all scripture or all activities. I wanted to combine these two kinds of lists. So, I created a list of half fun activities and/or acts of service and half scriptures that focus our thoughts on Christ. I am really excited about the list I put together and I just had to share it with you all! I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Christmas Chaos Ornaments

You can get your copy of the Christmas Chaos quilt pattern here or shop all my other quilt designs at the pattern shop.

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