From Craft to Career

Growing my craft into a career has been an evolving process. I started this journey about a year ago, and it has been a wild ride.

Last year I spent a lot of time psyching myself up to shifting gears with my business. I had spent 5 years growing my longarming clientele and loved my job. But I felt a pull in a new direction. I wanted to design and write quilt patterns. My mother-in-law was a huge resource and help to me as I started my first pattern. She helped me with the quilt math, the testing, the brainstorming etc. It was fun, but it took me months to finally get it out there. I released my first pattern, Buttonhole, in Sept 2019. It was not a raving success. But I was proud of myself for getting SOMETHING out there!

Then, to my surprise and excitement, a new business course just for quilters arrived on scene. Elizabeth, from Quilter’s Candy, opened up her very first Pattern Writing and Business Course. I was so thrilled that I jumped on it like a kid on Christmas morning! I was so excited to get tailored help from a master in the field. Elizabeth has years of experience as a successful pattern designer, product retailer, and influencer. This was the chance of a lifetime.

Changing my Craft

I already had a pretty good knowledge base on quilting techniques and what should be included in a pattern. What I needed was the tools do to it. Elizabeth took us step-by-step through the process and taught us how to use the tools to make great professional looking patterns. I was hooked. I designed, like, 20 new patterns during this course while the creative juices were flowing!

Changing my Career

Elizabeth taught us how to run our new craft into a career! I learned how to developing a brand/look that was unique to me. Then I learned how to use the tools, like social media and email lists, to grow a customer base. And finally, how to launch and market my products in the quilting world. It was everything I needed to take my business to the next level. I loved the homework assignments and goals we set throughout the course that kept me on track and held accountable. My favorite part of the whole course was my personal coaching calls with Elizabeth. Tailored support just for me.

Are You Ready to Take Your Craft to Career?

Have you ever thought of taking your hobby and turning it into a profit? Or maybe you already have tried and need more help on the business side of things. Well, Elizabeth, from Quilter’s Candy, is opening a brand new course called “Craft to Career” that is essentially everything we went over on the business half of the “Pattern Writing Course”. This is an amazing opportunity! Especially if you already feel like you know how to design or write patterns and just need to give your business a boost! This is what you will get out of the course:

  • Developing a unique brand for yourself
  • Finding your ideal customer and niche
  • Setting up and growing an email list that will set you up for success
  • How to grow through social media
  • Everything you need to know and do to launch your product successfully
From Craft to Career

Invest in Yourself and in Your Career!

Now is your time: From Craft to Career

I cannot say enough about how amazing this course will be for you. It really helped me develop and focus my skills and creativity in a way that set me up for success. Since I took Elizabeth’s course, I have significantly grown my social media presence and have developed a growing and active email list. Within 3 months of taking the course, I released two more patterns, Star Weave and Evolve. These quilt pattern launches did WAY better than my first one. Finally, and maybe my favorite part, I have learned how to collaborate with other movers and shakers in the industry, and have created lifelong quilt-y friends throughout the process.

So take the leap. Invest in yourself.

Star Weave Quilt Pattern
From Craft to Career
Evolve Quilt Pattern

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