My Quilts App Update

My Quilts App Update

Ryan and I are so excited to announce the new My Quilts App Update! There is a lot to cover in this update and I am here to walk you through it all!  DOWNLOAD THE APP NEW LOOK The first thing you’ll notice is the changed look of the My Quilts app. We have updated […]

Evergreen Pattern

evergreen scraps

The Evergreen pattern is my very first scrappy pattern that I’ve written. I typically have a pretty difficult time wrapping my head around making something scrappy! I like things to coordinate and flow. So when I do make a scrappy quilt, it’s usually more difficult than a regular pattern because of how much organizing I […]

Cataloging Challenge Recap

cataloging quilts on My Quilts App

RECAP Let’s have a Cataloging Challenge Recap! Now that January is over, let’s talk about how we did. Overall, you all have entered over 7k projects! Wow! You have blown us away! So many amazing projects all in one place! (You can see some videos I made on IG for a sneak peek) Each day […]

Cataloging Quilts

My Quilts App

Cataloging Quilts has never been easier! Now you can do it from the palm of your hand with the My Quilts App! Best part? It’s completely free for you to use, easy, and convenient. I have put together a Cataloging Quilts Challenge! I will run this starting on January 1st, 2024 for 30 days! Sign up […]

Modern Day Quilter

My new book, “Modern Day Quilter” has been a huge labor of love. I wrote this book for the single purpose of educating and giving confidence to all quilters! I truly believe that the more skills you have under your belt, the more free you will feel in your quilting journey and ability to express […]

The Basics of Reels


Are you like everyone else wondering what’s the big deal with all the reels on instagram? Did you know that Instagram has announced that they are no longer a photo promoting platform? They are pushing for more and more video content. They are trying to mimic TikTok, even though so many people just want pictures! […]

When To Take the Leap

take the leap and take the course

Have you ever thought about writing your own patterns but aren’t sure when to take the leap… or even how? I was in your shoes once.  I have always liked to alter patterns to suit my own quilty desires. My mother-in-law had told me for years that I should just write my own patterns. But […]

Quilting Like a Pro

quilting like a pro

All the pros will tell you that quilting is a precise form of art! You can learn the art of quilting like a pro too! In the last two years we have seen, and probably experienced for ourselves, that so many people have taken up new hobbies. It’s one of the good things that has come […]


Quilt Binding

Binding comes in all shapes and sizes! But it is universally needed for every quilt to complete it! Everyone has a preference of how they like to make it and attached it. I, obviously, think that my way of doing it is the best way! Haha! Okay, I don’t think it is the best way! […]

A Little Deja Vu

A little deja vu never hurt anyone. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it? That mysterious feeling that maybe you’ve been here before but you know you haven’t. I think it’s fun! This pattern is meant to give you that feeling. The hazy mirage we have all felt ourself walk through when trying to decide what’s […]